Solutions we developed

    AdrKongre; A solution that provides a single source for organizing parties to keep track of their congress, reports, and all website needs,

    AdrKongre; With all pilot studies completed, the system is now open to developments. The management system is available in a variety of languages, making it convenient for international conferences.

    AdrKongre; With it’s easy use and effective congress management capabilities, Adr Kongre has simplified the management and organization of congresses.

    AdrKongre; For congress organizers, rather than having multiple platforms for congress management, AdrKongre provides a single platform from which to manage all congress: registrations, accommodation, abstract submissions, and jury and website management.

    AdrKongre; Aims to establish a panel through which: congress attendees are able to register for a congress and accommodation,submit abstracts or even as a jury member, access the jury panel system all via a single system,



    Content Management System; (CMS),

    Although many ready-made systems are available for those who wish to manage their own websites, CMS requires to guidance and support of experienced personnel.
    With a CMS software wholly designed by Adrenalin Bilgisayar, we are able to provide a management system solution tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. The advantage of using our own software not only allows for the flexibility and the ability to cater to the individual requests of our customers, but also grants the luxury of differing from ready-made designs found on the internet by creating customized integrations for each of our customers. 
    Our CMS allows for all content of the web pages to be managed through a single panel that is open to unlimited personalizable opportunities. The system contains, but is not limited to, video galleries, photo galleries, documen galleries, a menu tree, text pages, and accordion pages. Moreover, not only can all of these components can be connected to any page, but multiple components can also be integrated into a single page.  
    Besides this, with the addition of a product module, we can even transform any content management system into an e-commerce!


    Our Individualized Project division has been an integral component of our company since the day it was founded.
    In accordance with our clients’ requests, a unique software that can be integrated into already existing  software used by our clients, one that is solely based upon specific needs is created. Just like a tailor-made suit made to fit perfectly, our software fulfills our clients’ expectations. 
    A few of our references as well as the sizes and variety of our projects can be seen on the right hand side.
    Our .Net experienced engineering team is here to provide our clients with either Web based or Windows based solutions in line with their individual projects. 
    For Individualized Projects, after having signed a privacy contract, Adrenalin Bilgisayar conducts an in-depth analysis of the clients’ systems and needs, presents the best project based solution within the clients’ budget and completes the project within the allocated time frame. 


    Some of Adrenalin Bilgisayar’s Individualized Projects
    • Netsis Integrated B2B Platformu
      A platform  which allows for: customers to make purchases via the internet, clients to manage and track account transactions as well as financial turnovers through the internet.  
    • Innovative Sheep and Goat Data System
      An İZKA project, the Innovative Sheep Goati Data System is a tracking system where the Sheep and Goat Union in the Izmir region can keep track of all animals and their related medical needs.
      AdrScuba and AdrDive aims to unite all Turkish scuba and diving centers by providing a Beta platform from which centers can share their scuba and diving education plans.  
    • Sales Parts Management System (SPMS)
      In collaboration with Onur Yılmaz, SPMS is a system that has been in use and development for the last 4 years. The project, now its Beta testing stage, was designed for a well-known international automobile company. New versions of the project is currently in development. 
      A platform for a carrier system that brings your shopping straight to your door. 
      A portal for the Foundatuon of Bornova Anatolian High School Alumni, provides a platform where alumni can keep in touch.
      An internet based platform that provides a carrier service for restaurants.
    Adrenaline Bilgisayar’s web projects provide need based solutions for websites. From large-scale e-commerce projects to simple website needs, Adr Bilgisayar is here to offer the best solutions for our clients’ individual needs.
    It's very common to experience a variety of problems with even the simplest webpages these days. Issues such as being continuously connected to a server, managing hosting settings and email connectivity can and often do need outside interference and support to maintain a smooth 
    With over ten years in the business, through economic solutions, Adrenaline Bilgisayar is here and ready to assist all of our clients’ specific technological and website based needs by not only bringing your project to life, but also maintaining its success.
    In accordance with the clients’ budget, because we use our very own software, we are able to assist all of our clients’ website needs, renew and redesign their websites when needed, and make any necessary additions. 



    Some of our projects are below. For more information contact with us!.

    Our Company

    Who Are We?


    Adrenalin Bilgisayar

    Adrenalin Bilgisayar Ltd. Co. was founded on September 1st in the year 2005 at the Technology Development Department of Izmir Institute of Technology. Between the years of 2005 and 2007, Adrenaline Bilgisayar was mainly involved in market analysis, project development, infrastructure and Human Resources.Human Resources;  consists of full-time and part-time computer engineers and computer engineering students.
    • November 23rd, 2007; acquired"Intel Registered Partner" status
    • July 4th, 2008; acquired "Intel Associated Partner" status,
    • October 24th, 2008; acquired "Intel Reseller Partner" status, 
    • 2012; acquired; "Intel Premier Elite Partner" status.



    • Working primary with .Net, Arenalin Bilgisayar is a licensed Microsoft MSDN user.
    • Our entire team is experienced in web projects, web services, and window project developments. Having strict rules regarding N-tire Architecture,
    • Adrenalin Bilgisayar works solely with a single type of coding standard. Therefore, all of our projects are written using this N-tire Architecture coding standard.
    • Our coding for all of our .Net projects are written by our engineers through open sourcing.
    • By keeping up-to-date with the ever growing and expanding technologies, Adr Bilgisayar develops mobile compatible interfaces through the integration of script libraries such as Jquery and Bootsrap.
    • Based on the clients’ requests, in order to maintain and sustain a smooth running project, at the end of each project, uploads onto servers take place and any additional maintenance assistance is wholly provided by Adr Bilgisayar.


    Our Team

    • The foundation of Adrenalin Bilgisayar is built upon individuals who are young, dynamic and constantly willing and open to development and most importantly, those who are able to successfully accomplish projects designed to the specific needs of the clients.
    • Being a part of the Adrenalin team, to us, mean to be a part of the Adrenalin culture. Apart from our full-time engineers, our team also consists of engineering students with references from various universities completing their internships. These students often become part-time members of our Adrenalin team.
    • Our primary goal at Adrenalin Bilgisayar is to build a team who are all able to effectively and efficiently use  and maintain the same coding standards. This in turn always the Adrenalin team to be able to use the exact same coding standard for each and every one of their projects.
    • With the use of task tracking systems and code sharing mediums, the entire team is able to develop projects even if they are not in the office.
    • For Individualized Projects, Adrenalin Bilgisayar establishes a Project Team responsible for managing and creating the foundation for the clients’ Individualized Project. 

    Contact Us!

    To learn more about our past projects or to inquire about an Individualized Project, write to us!



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